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We are the leading installer of Decorative Concrete Flooring. Our services include polished concrete, acid staining, concrete coating and sealing, epoxy floor systems and vinyl flake floors. Our service also include concrete grinding, preparation, restoration and terrazzo polishing. We provide service in Northern Virginia, Central Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. 

Custom concrete floors are installed based on need of the facility or desired look of the home. In addition, our process may eliminate down time or loss of business. State of the art equipment, dust collection systems and techniques are used in every process leaving no doubt as to the quality of each service. 

Above all, we strive to exceed customers satisfaction with prompt service and unmatched professionalism. Serving the community has ultimately been our #1 priority since 2004.

As experts in the decorative concrete flooring industry we guide and educate our clients to achieve the desired result. Let us work with you, every step of the way, to create the perfect floor for your project.

Our Services are perfect in any residential, commercial or industrial setting. As a matter of fact, unlimited design options, versatility and custom color choices make decorative concrete an ideal flooring choice. At the same time, Decorative Concrete’s high durability and low maintenance costs make it extremely economical.

Our staff will help guide you through the process to achieve the ideal floor for you home or facility. We

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Our Services

Decorative Concrete Flooring For Home Or Business

Our flooring services are found nearly everywhere in Virginia and Washington DC. Utilizing the existing concrete in your home or business keeps cost low without sacrificing durability, quality or aesthetics.

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Polished Concrete

Concrete Staining


Acid Staining

Epoxy Floor Systems

Concrete Coatings

Overlayments & Skim Coats

Concrete Grinding & Prep

Concrete Restoration

Concrete Sealing


Understanding The Process

First Things First

What is the current condition of the concrete? Is it a new pour, old slab? Does it have carpet, tile, paint or glue?

Proper preparation is always needed to ensure a service is properly completed or installed. In an ideal world the concrete will be clean and free of obstruction prior to any service, however this is rarely the case. The most common issues that need to be resolved prior to a decorative concrete application are;

  • Removal of Tile, Linoleum, VCT, Carpet, Glue, Paint, etc.
  • Filling of Holes, Blow Outs and Cracks
  • Removal of Carpet Tack Strips

In the vast majority of services the concrete must be mechanically resurfaced exposing the slab free of any obstruction. This is accomplished with the use of concrete grinding machines, diamond tooling and dust extractors.

The Next Step – Evaluating The Slab

Every concrete slab will require an evaluation to determine which service is ideal for application, aesthetics and durability.

Choosing Your Finish

Due to the overwhelming amount of options available in decorative concrete flooring, you should start with color, aesthetics and durability needs of your home or commercial facility. Once you have decided on a few options your installer will help guide you through the process.

Decorative Concrete Installation

A few things will be needed by your installer in order to provide service. The following is a basic list;

  • Power – Usually 30 amp 220 volt outlets (If grinding or polishing)
  • Access to the home or facility
  • Continuous Water Source

Additional Factors

When deciding on how to proceed with your decorative concrete flooring, make sure you ask your installer about the following;

  • Will there be any dust created during the process?
  • Will there be any harmful fumes or VOC’s?
  • Should the base boards be removed?
  • What is the maintenance?
  • Is the floor slippery?
  • How often does the sealer or coating need to be reapplied?
  • How long will the installation take?